What's the Documentation Service of the University Libraries ?

The Documentation Service of the University Libraries, or SCD in French, is a statutory and regulatory structure that gathers all the documentary units of the university, namely the Mirail Main Library, the Teacher Training Institute libraries, the resource centers, the research libraries, and the documentation centers.


The SCD has a unifying role: its first aim is to introduce coherence among the various documentary units so as to coordinate their offer of services, and improve the access to documents for all users. Libraries should be conceptualized, organized and equipped first and foremost for the public.

Its missions consist in :

  • implementing the Plan of Service of the institution, coordinating the appropriate means, and evaluating the services offered to the public
  • acquiring, managing and communicating documents of all types that either belong to the institution or are made available to them
  • contributing to research, the production of scientific and technical information (STI), its diffusion as well as to the institution's activities of scientific and technical animation
  • encouraging any initiative in the fields of higher and continuing education, and research by promoting documentary action and the adaptation of the services
  • cooperating with other libraries that contribute to the same aims, whatever their status, especially by participating to cooperative cataloging programs
  • educating the public in the broadest possible use of the new technologies to access scientific and technical information.